Meet Deb Teubert, AHHP

Animal Holistic Health Practitioner

Deb Teubert

Deb Teubert, AHHP, is an experienced Animal Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Holistic Pet Health Coach (by Dr. Ruth Roberts), and studied acupressure at Tallgrass Animal Institute in Colorado. Her orientation is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with experience in homeopathy and herbals. TCM is a holistic method that looks at the body as a unique eco-system with its own seasons and climates, which need to stay in balance. She uses acupressure, eastern/western herbs, diet and physical exercises to help maintain this balance. The emphasis in TCM is on keeping the body healthy so that the question of illness does not arise. Deb also holds a rare certification in Animal Psycharomatica (APA) from the Nayana Morag’s School of Essential Balance. APA philosophy, the belief that most of what we call disease could be prevented if we take care of the early signs of stress in the body or mind, is the foundation of how she looks to help four-legged family members (FLoMS) become more vital. Understanding what causes stress in the body and mind is the first step to creating a healthy environment for an animal to prevent illness before it happens. 

Deb has been practicing in Central Wisconsin since 2007 and has clients throughout the United States and several other countries. An avid pet lover, Deb shares her passion for animal wellness as she guides clients through setting up unique plans for animals at each visit. She works with her clients in various environments, including virtually, and creates a grounded atmosphere that encourages animals (and their owners) to relax, spend quality time together and be open to receiving healing modalities.

Game Changer Award

A Tale of Empowerment & Healing

Deb Teubert was nominated for a Game Changer Award by Linda M. By partnering with people who are open-minded to alternative modalities, Teubert feels she’s able to offer pets increased longevity, more vitality and fewer chronic issues, like torn cranial cruciate ligaments (CCLs), autoimmune conditions and allergies. Achieving overall wellness, Teubert says, must encompass the psyche, emotional and physical health, and this is true for pets, too.

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Holistic Pet Health

Unleashing the Power of Holistic Approaches

Listen in as Deb shares her wealth of knowledge and sheds light on how you can enhance your pet’s well-being using natural and holistic techniques. From the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine to the emotional benefits of essential oils, you will discover a comprehensive approach to improving your pet’s overall health and happiness.

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